B13 Technology

We’re an Agile Java Development Company based in Birmingham, UK, with Offshore Teams around the globe.

Here at B13 Technology we live by three watchwords – Flexibility, Scalability, Quality. Everyone knows the importance of these values in Agile Software Development but few have taken them to heart and implemented them like B13 Technology.

We know that large projects mean evolving requirements and we stay light on our feet for that very reason – we can change direction and scale at a moments notice.

Whether we’re dealing with an expertly planned out Sprint or an unexpected emergency we can scale up quickly and effortlessly. We can provide exactly the right number of developers at exactly the right time to finish any project. Our ability to go from UK based Developers to Offshore Teams instantaneously also means that we can fix any emergencies overnight, ready for the start of business the next day. You’ll love the benefits of a true 24 hr workday.

More than that our code is bug-free, easy to read, and even easier to maintain. Every line of our code is reviewed by top-of-industry developers (with clients like The Gates Foundation to their name).

We can do all of this because here at B13 Technology we’ve spent years breaking the down the barriers of Cross-Cultural Communication. Our UK Developers have taken the time to forge excellent working relationships based on mutual understanding with our rigorously vetted Offshore Teams.

Our investment in both the UK and Global talent pool (we hire the best regardless of country) really pays dividends and will shine through in your final product.

Need to hire Java Developers – you need B13 Technology

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