Why now? Now is the perfect time to outsource software development projects.

There have been two reports released in the last few weeks that highlight the importance of outsourcing. The first showed that 83% of businesses in North America think there is “a shortage of software development professionals”, add this to the 2014 report that Europe will see a 900,000 deficit in ICT professionals by 2020 and it’s clear that the developer shortage is now a global problem. Some countries are already suffering – Bulgaria reports a 10,000 deficit.

Yet despite this deficit in the three month period to the end of Jun 2015 both the value and number of outsourcing contracts in the UK increased by a whopping 150%. It has never been clearer that outsourcing is the future of the development world.

These two reports, released so close together, made us think. And so rather than just tell you that outsourcing is on the rise we’ve broken down just why we think now is the perfect time for you to outsource with B13 Technology.

These reasons have been organised into three categories – Economic, Social, and Technological.


  1. The economy is going through a period a growth and nowhere is this felt as keenly as IT. Now is the perfect
    Image courtesy of kanate at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
    Image courtesy of kanate at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

    time to get rid of that unmaintainable, old legacy system and invest in an expertly crafted system tailored to your needs.

  2. However, this needs to be done quickly. As the IT sector improves wages will start to go up, and not just here but overseas as well. If you outsource now you’ll still benefit from the lower recession wages.
  3. Beyond the increasing wages is increasing demand. You’re not going to be alone in wanting to get a new system while the goings good. With the sector improving so much, first-rate developers are going to be even more in demand. With a good outsourcing firm you have immediate access to their expert developers.


  1. Software is becoming more and more ubiquitous. So much so that people are making the case that most firms are in some way or another already software companies. From databases, to mobile workforce tracking software, down to keeping track of office supplies – to be a Company today means being invested in Software.
  2. You can argue that 4. is not unique to outsourcing but we would argue otherwise. The only
    Image courtesy of  phanlop88 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
    Image courtesy of phanlop88 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

    places with a readily available, highly skilled IT workforce are offshore. So to meet the needs of 4. you have to outsource.

  3. This is where the good news comes in. New countries like Vietnam and Russia are eating into India’s outsourcing market. This is creating competition. For you this means cheaper rates!
  4. The rise in freelancing and other tech websites has made it easier for us at B13 Technology to dip into the global talent pool when recruiting. We can and do get the best regardless of
  5. Because location is not an issue for us (we have several offshore offices) we are able to maintain a fluid portfolio of suppliers – not just our offshore teams but also our development partners. This means that there will always be a team ready, willing, and able to meet your needs.


  1. We’ve taken Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), which was originally designed as a testing framework, andstartup-photos repurposed it as a communication tool to help with outsourcing. We create plain English BDD Integration Tests (User Acceptance Tests) to use as specification documents. Not only do they minimise the risk of miscommunication both between you and us, and between us and our teams. It also means that anyone in your company will understand exactly what the software does – a very helpful feature a far as maintenance goes.



We believe that now is the perfect time for you to outsource and we at B13 Technology take great pride in providing the best service possible. Head over to our main site to find out how we’ve made Flexibility, Scalability, and Quality the words we live by.


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